Review of “A Hair’s Breadth” – about creating something new and daring to go out on a limb for what one believes in.

Yesterday I really needed to read and delve into the assessment by the professional reader, Jenny Bäfving, who was hired to be harsh and honest about “A Hair’s Breadth” for the benefit of the book and its readers – not for my co-workers and I, nor the publishing company, Salto De Vita’s gain.

It was a heart-warming read. We’ve worked so hard – thank you always Suzannah Young and Loke Säfström.
As a self-publisher, it is so very difficult to get noticed on the market. I get a little crazy sometimes thinking of the principles I have and that I need to stay true to. Why can’t I just send one of my scripts to a huge publishing company? Well, I just can’t. If you read “A Hair’s Breadth” maybe that’s explanation enough. Every persons contribution to enriching the world around oneself is priceless. I want to feel that to the bone, I want every word and every co-workers contribution to each of my books to be felt as a valuable act of being a part of making this wondrous planet a better place.

“A Hair’s Breadth” will really have to rely on the “word of mouth” method, the grapevine, so to speak. Readers’ and Jenny Bäfving’s comments will be the strongest engines we have going forward from these small but pulsating beginnings.
Below I will share with you a part of the translated version of the professional readers assessment:

Excerpt from the lecturer’s statement by Jenny Bäfving, lecturer, about “A Hair’s Breadth”.

“ If you keep in mind that this is an idea-driven book, I think the author has found a good solution to give the ideas and visions dramatic form and shape (compared to if it had been a lecture or a textbook). I would say that it is a complex but complete vision of our global future presented here and “A Hair’s Breadth” somehow still manages to paint the puzzle piece after piece and embed these ideas into the ongoing plot. And, above all, the author has managed to illustrate it to the reader. I captured the central thoughts fluently without the story-teller having to too pointedly explain the purpose of this world to me. Finding such a coherent and fluent structure within this form and still conveying all the knowledge and thoughts that go on in these dramatic events, must have been a challenge.

There is a character gallery where each person embodies a different point of view or attitude, and they are polarized against each other in what can be said is the book’s intrigue. Everyone has their motive for how they act and react … ”

“ The purely intellectual thought stuff here, I think, strikes a connection with the reader. The way it is packaged jumpstarts the brain properly. It is also rare that a vision of the future does not focus mostly on applying new science foremost within technology, but focuses on human behavior, social interactions and communication. A lot is viewed through personal human aspects rather than on external factors. Also on life choices in everyday life, on do-ability and how actions in the little things have major consequences. “A Hair’s Breadth” manages to convey all this. The author sometimes skilfully depicts this in the characters’ different opinions, attitudes and actions and sometimes in more explanatory, expanding text. ”

“ This depiction of the future, which I would say feels bright, even optimistic, is an unusual approach to dealing with a very current, urgent and contemporary issue (how can the human race avoid eradicating itself?).

This is a unique project, unlike everything else.

I also appreciate how the author portrays surroundings and characters – including name choices; the story becomes futuristic without feeling made up or constructed. In every way very credible.

Instead of playing on our fears and anxieties or on emotional strings at all, it is a script where several of the characters eventually become convinced of rational outcomes. We are in a reality that has succeeded in taking full advantage of mankind’s potential for development and improvement. The world here is well-organized, fair, equitable and rational, and the depiction of it shows the reader how good everything could be.

Human behavior in everyday life about everything from consumption to the environment becomes a mass movement of consistent choices, small steps in the right direction where everyone takes their own responsibility. The idea of the earth’s resources as infinite, “abundant,” also exists – and only we are able to utilize and nurture the ever-flowing and thriving life responsibly. Free internet and free exchange of information for democratic sharing and usage of information and knowledge becomes the basis for this process of change and evolution.

This is a fascinating basic idea that turns ones concepts around; a depiction of a future that, despite today’s development, feels strangely within reach. At the same time a mirror image of our troubled contemporary reality where the future of our planet is obviously at stake. It strikes me that it is extremely rare to see a visionary grasp such as this in other books since we are strangely obsessed with the apocalyptic and pessimistic in fictional depictions of the future.

Above all, I took with me the idea of the more or less endless opportunity for development and improvement that exists within all of us and the importance of taking one’s own responsibility; the politicians of our day do not show and might not have the capacity, the will or the knowledge to do it. ”

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