I am very happy to say – you will not be able to buy “A Hair’s Breadth” or any of my books on Amazon!

The reports are too many. People pitching in with their precious time, working hard to be responsible people in society and despite this they are not being properly appreciated for it.
Too often people are under-aged and exploited.
Too often they are over-worked and exploited.
Too often they are part of an under-staffed workplace and exploited.

Found on Alliance of Radical Booksellers

“A Hair’s Breadth – A Leap Beyond Chance” has a lot of characters that spoke/speak very loudly in my mind about these issues.
(Yes, I am a bat-shit looney author, no doubt)
Some characters hollered that of course most people exist to toil and their lives would be pointless and they would be useless for anything else.
Others maintained that each person’s time is extremely valuable and that given the chance all people could/would excel unfathomably.
And then they would cloppeticlop unto the quest of defining value and bat-shit was afoot :-O
Flying Macaronies down memorylane!!! What a relief it is that this dear, dear, darling book is finally leaving home.

Word of caution Dear Reader, if you decide to let AHB into your home, head and heart be prepared to be torn back and forth in that ballpark – they have very strong points on both, well, rather several, sides.

Anyhoo, back to the headline. Having written this book I have no other choice than to steer clear of Amazon and the such. “A Hair’s breadth” will rely on “word by mouth” from its new homes, heads and hearts. When you read you will understand. I would not get one single nights serene rest if I didn’t adhere to this principle. I’m saving myself from a lot of grief here. It’s all about survival people!
Jokes aside – it is about more than survival. To better the world around me I focus to create my life to be more and better and fun and nice and then, and only then, toiling is worth it.

Well, that’s hello-my-fellow-person for today!
Sleep tight, wake bright and have love and respect in sight!

Let’s do this! <*!*>

(Yes, that is my own ‘starry-eyed, all-ears and nosey’ home-baked emoji –
my son will love it ((not)) – ! ;D
I so live to annoy!)

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