Believe the science! Read the UN’s assessment!

It is time for global adult responsibility! The pressure on politicians and multi-naires is not going to have enough impact in time.
This is the undeniable truth!
Even the UN, with the facts listed if you follow the link in this entry, are not doing anything that will be drastically significant enough to prepare humanity for what is coming.

We cannot keep ourselves locked down in this monetary and political dead end any longer! We must take charge of what we can which is our adult responsibility to stop spending money.
To close our wallets and force the creation of workgroups within all areas of global administration.

In “A Hair’s Breadth” I have made an attempt at depicting a realistic future Remember that I have done this in a work of fiction. I’ve from an artists mind painted with words one of many ways that humanity can take when taking a conscious evolutionary leap.
Think of what competent thinkers, scientists and researchers would come up with if they put their heads into resolving this!

We, humanity, can make this happen.
We are intelligent enough!
We have all the resources we need – both human and material –
right here and right now!
We have the internet to facilitate the co-ordination of restructuring administrations.
Let the internet be used as the tool it is meant to be!

The current mismanagement has to be acknowledged and eradicated! Now!

It is terrifying to think of the tens, hundreds of millions of individuals who will soon suffer the consequences of this current mismanagement and dillydallying by the worlds so-called “leaders”!!! (read politicians and multi-naires)

And why? Why must this horrendous fate be what befalls these millions upon millions of innocent, hard-working people – these families, these young, these children? Our families, our young and our children!!!
Will they be met by weapons? By inhumane camps and diseases?

Why should this have to happen?
It isn’t necessary! Definitely not! Not when we have taken such strides at bettering human conditions in the past century?

We can !easily! restructure the administrating of the Earth so that we will be able to handle the catastrophes that ARE coming.
There is no IF about these facts – humanity and all life and the Earth will suffer catastrophes. Not any longer.

We will be facing horror! But we can manage if the planning starts now. But it will not do that if we leave this to politicians and multi-naires! These people will not get anything of true value and importance done in time!

Competent workgroups will happen if we close our wallets. We can force taking this action upon the “leaders”.

They cannot make us buy useless things. We will survive a commitment of a 1000 days! We will even have fun and feel great about ourselves doing it – I’m talking out of experience. This is such a great adventure.

Don’t let the propaganda of catastrophes rising from toppled monetary markets get to you.
We haven’t even begun to see what human catastrophes are like if we don’t put a stop to mismanagement now!
The world will not topple around us. And this easy act of 1000 days, taking adult responsibility, would be the incentive needed to kick-start workgroups for developing strategies! That act can be what would be what can keep humanity safe!

People driven by monetary gain can plan for selling anything and put workgroups into that with seemingly limitless resources!
People driven by monetary gain can plan wars with limitless resources!
They can plan huge corporations and how to effectively keep them spinning!
But when it comes to responsibly planning for the future of life!?

Shortsightedness and personal gain are in the way for the future of all our families!
This has to be incentive enough for the everyday person to act now!
Incentive enough for you and me to quit shopping for other than food!
To bike, to take trains, to think twice and have fun doing it!
To make a commitment of 1000 days!

Let us show the young that we too can act –
that we actually are adults that they can look up to!
That we are individuals who can take charge of our personal choices!

Let them be proud of us pursuing a brighter today into tomorrow!
Let’s save the world already!

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