Horrifically, rhetoric learned in debate training, a.k.a. word-manipulation, is suppressing and blindsiding humanity from our true potential.

The propaganda is all around – in the media, from the mouths of our “leaders” and false idols – nonsense is constantly being recited, bent and smoothly injected into our senses.
Nothing is done so sickeningly and tirelessly.
“Promises” we all know to be lies disguised within ideological chains of empty words –
Lies about hard work alone being what brings prosperity regardless of the type of prerequisites you are allowed.
Deceitful depictions of monetary gain being what signifies who is the most worthy of humans.
The insanity of the importance of home-styling, fashion, hairstyling and colors of nail-polish being stated as matters of individual betterment!!!

We are terrifyingly numbed to “Yes!” hardly ever meaning “Yes!” and “No!” hardly ever meaning “No!”.

This madness of being blindsided by propaganda disguised as intellectual debate has become the normal!
It wreaks havoc in the nature of our mind’s need for true intelligence. For logic, truth and decency which bring about actual tangible results through doing what true words are brought together to depict and following through on what is said.
In normalizing the “normal” false and worthless propaganda we cannot discern what is truly important, sound or even sane anymore.
Healthy boundaries are blurred and perverted – confusion and resignation takes over

We lose sight of what is acceptable and even have a hard time expressing, in both words and actions, what is realistically good for us anymore.

We get so caught up in the lie of thinking that the people who practice this utterly meaningless rhetorical prancing are important “leaders” that actual change isn’t the bulls eye we seek, but who is the winning party of the debates is. Who manages to manipulate the best. Results are not even secondary to rhetoric anymore. Results are not even on the table.
Debate is only purely a defiling of the gift of the word into a means of self-gratification. The elite of word-pooping.

This shameless use of rhetorical manipulation and deceit causes awful clashes in our efforts to understand the true context of our individual and collective existence.
This manipulation and tactic of creating confusion is harmfully and deeply disrupting humanity’s emotional health.
Where care, ingenuity and evolution ought to reign, disruption and confusion occupies our minds.

We need to wake up to this mindless trashing of humanity’s intelligence. To burst the destructive bubble of this world-wide accepted word-pooping manipulation which is rotting the beauty and magnificence of humanity’s magnificent potential!

The proper usage of words will only be proven when what is claimed is shown in real life action – actual competence is not learned in debate clubs or through rhetoric training!

Oh, the gall – rhetoric is hindering our evolution!!!

The proper usage of words is only proven only when what is said is followed up on. When what is said is proven by actions taken to make what has been said is realized into reality. Through taken action.

With scientists, researchers and people working in the actual practical professions of Earth humanity could be developing functioning and realistic outlines for the administration of our world.
We have enough geniuses for making plans and continuously creating and updating such outlines.

When “Yes!” is “Yes!” and “No!” is “No!”, then and only then will the words be fruitful, true and bring results!
Our day to day maintenance of Earth has to be created and then enacted. Our future has never been bettered by debates!

Giving these following sentences about the wondrous gift of speech some reflection.
Giving the word a moment of contemplation:

– An art of inspirationally communicating knowledge, truths and beneficial information.
– Speaking with each other to strengthen and inspire each other and humanity’s marvelousness.
– Using words to express realistic outlines for applying and then taking practical steps to actually carrying out what has been detailed.

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