How to #1000days –

This is my experience of making the commitment of 1000 days:

1. I inventoried my closet of clothes and shoes. I recycled what couldn’t be handed to second-hand stores and gave the rest to reliable second-hand organisations – where I knew, to the best of my ability to discern, that the clothes and/or profit would be put to good use. I did not want to give to charities that I know have CEO’s and their entourage with perverse salaries and/or where there could be an imminent risk that the products would end up lining some retailers pockets.

2. Then I made a list of needed wardrobe items for the next 1000 days.
I needed an extra pair of shoes – I discovered that I have shoes to last a decade but lacked a pair of qualitative walking shoes.
Then I bought classically styled garments of quality and sustainably manufactured as far as my wallet would let me.
I didn’t need jackets or winter clothes – I had enough there.
A few tops and trousers.
What I probably will need to fill up on during this time period is socks and maybe some underwear.

3. I inventoried my home and discovered that I’m very satisfied with the standard of my apartment as well as my furniture and carpets.
Also I have what I need concerning kitchen utilities. So nothing there.
The bathroom was also fine.

4. Then I’ve contemplated how I wan’t to eat. I’ve read a bit, listened to others. I’ve learned that eating more greens is is easily done and how to get the B12 vitamin – I take supplements recommended by professional health-care givers. I eat fish sometimes.
I’ve also noticed that when buying food it’s very easy to learn about new ways to shop for groceries. People all over the world have different very possibilities to do this but I think it was worth doing some digging into it – I learned and learn more than I thought I would and very easier than I’d imagined.
I can just say that sustainably grown and also locally produced items were much easier to find than I’d thought. On a huge plus side, the food has started to taste much better since I began taking that extra step in an effort to be a part of bettering our world sustenance-wise 🙂

5. I talk to people about the mis-management we are burdened by on the Earth today.
In this 1000 day challenge I have had to come to terms with the terminal shame I feel when posting online and talking to people around me about these issues.
I can’t, I believe that none of us can, afford to let awkwardness stand in the way of expressing the acuteness of our situation and the incompetence of our so-called “leaders” – these couple of thousand of fake idols – monetary hoarders and ideologist politicians.
My personal awkwardness cannot be more important than, and is not what will stand in the way of, my shouting as loudly as I can about this life-threatening situation humanity and our world faces!!!
In time the awkward tornado inside me has calmed down a little bit but, truthfully, with every word I write here I can feel a twinge of the shaming and ridicule that I imagine everyone reading this entry is scoffing about – the stupidity and meaningless naivety of:

My personal stand,
and this blog,
and my ideas,
and my books,
and so forth…

!!! But when I discover these thoughts I contemplate, I remeber the beautiful and abundant world that I am born to and then I shout to myself –

I will not listen to that inner ridiculing voice anymore
I will listen to reason!
I will listen to the UN reports!
I will #BelieveTheScience !!!

And I will follow through on my commitment as a responsible adult to closing my wallet for #1000days

6. Transportation. One hot potato! Vroom-Vroom!
Can I be a responsible adult, an “Earth-Warrior”, and really make a decision that will suck (excuse the language – almost 😀 )
Biking is good for my health.
Car-pooling is what it is.
Public transportation can be trusted in some regions of the world – not so much in others.
Flying is something I’ve cut down on a lot. Since I never drive a car, take trains whenever I can, bike everywhere in my city, always, I will fly once this autumn.
This is a very personal issue but one that really needs to be considered seriously.
I’m sorry 😉

7. Then, last but not least, growing up on the inside I have truly had to contemplate and integrate and ventilate about how to:
a. Redefine wealth.
b. Redefine success.
c. Redefine prosperity.
d. Discern what is true adult responsibility in our world.
e. Boost my adult “Earth-Warrior” game-on-persona!
f. Work on identifying my egoistical impulses and differentiating them from thought-through a.k.a. actual adult, responsible and mature decisions.

We will not topple the world if we topple the dysfunctional system we have developed through the millennia.
We will evolve to using our brains that we have been gifted with and finally make good use of them –
taking a conscious evolutionary step.
We are clever enough!
We have to topple the Old Ways of dis-rule by monetary hoarders and ideological shortsighted and impulse-driven power-mongers.

We are worth it! Let us, humanity, take off on our quest to acheiving our true potential on this abundant Earth of ours!
We can do it!
Closing Our Wallets!

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