Is demonstrating and speaking our opinions going to change anything?

Historically large numbers of people have demonstrated and expressed exquisitely intelligent opinions and presented unquestionable scientifically proven research results.
And on this note:
– of course I believe the science!
– of course I back the children and take their anguish seriously!
– of course I demonstrate!
– of course I speak my opinions on these disturbingly dangerous issues!

Such methods of expressing discontent have, through the centuries, led to changes in some cases, but in the long run not so much. The Old Ways have always stuck with us.
And now time is scarce. We have to make sure that change is made. That a conscious evolutionary step is taken!
That resolute action will be the result of all these marches marched and all these scientific reports and talks presented.
So, we need to do more. We, the adults need to step up! Seriously people!

Survival traits, trust in leaders, are lodged deep within us since the days before memory, when leaders where pampered because they were competent and they brought about good things for the group.
Trust lodged within us even after leaders somehow were allowed to become leaders even though they no longer had talents that actually brought the group any benefits. The new so called “leaders” are taking on the image of being something they’re not.

The same with contemporary “idols”. Instead of being role-models for something healthy, empathic and actually beneficial for humanity – well, no more needs to be said – we all know what kind of empty and not important idolatry garbage we are fed (excuse me all solely-watching-sports, fashion-obsessed, home-make-over and nail polish addicts out there)(I’m not saying I’m not any of these things 😉 – but right now we have a lot more pressing issues to spend our free time focusing on!!!).
Superficial and mind-numbing time-consuming stuff that doesn’t even bring joy that lasts. Instead more often than not focus on these issues brings self-doubt, lethargy and self-harm. These consequences alongside with a trade that is addictive, such as gambling, alcohol and other drugs and shopping, thus keeping countless of individuals occupied and steered away from true beauty, fun and close relationships with family and friends.

By being drawn into these circuses I believe that, most people, myself included, are affected and effected being drawn away from even minding that the human development and our world is in peril. This despite us having all the prerequisites in our time and that so many human difficulties have improved tremendously this last century. Still, we close our eyes to the danger we are facing. The horrible future we are under threat from.
What will happen to the millions of people who will be having to leave their homes due to climate change? Who si planning ahead for their safety today? Which hundreds of scientists are being organized and which administrators are facilitating every resource and planning homes, hospitals and schools to welcome these infants, young, adults and elderly who will come walking?
Or will there be walls? Military, armed forces and walls??? Is that the plan?

Will demonstrations and speaking our minds on truly important issues get the attention of power-mongers (wether they be monetary hoarders or ideologically driven individuals)?
Will demonstrations and speaking our minds on truly important issues wake the countless millions of individuals from worshipping false idols and their entourage? Will they awake in time?

I am confident that demonstrations and speaking our minds on truly important issues will not penetrate the layers within which this individual behaviour has lodged itself in humans since time before memory.

Demonstrations and speaking our minds on truly important issues will help! Absolutely – and now, that these actions are being noticed the time is perfect for furthering the true intelligence of our species.

I am confident that when monetary hoarders are disturbed by not selling – when we topple their tables that are ruining our wondrous Earth, our abundant marvel of a planet on which we can breathe (!), and when we refuse to listen to learned rhetorical BS that goes on for decades and centuries and far, far, far too slowly beings about any kind of change – when we topple their walls with true science and research.
When we stop allowing genius to be head-hunted and locked away for a petty few’s monetary profits.

Then, just imagine, then –

What heights will humanity reach?

Let’s close our wallets for future gain! To further true gain and prosperity for humanity as a whole.

Let’s stop listening to debate club practiced rhetoric and focus on listening when truth from competent people is being shared.
Let’s stop listening to fear-mongering multi-naires about that “we ahve always been like this” BS and evolve for intelligence-sake, people!

Let’s be listening when knowledge soars from our truest selves and then rejoice when what is being told is then acted upon and made real. This is what human humans do! That is what our wonderful brains are capable of.

Are we educated enough yet?
Let’s save the world already!

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