The love I feel for my world is boundless and this, our, world is abundant!

We all know it – there is food to sustain every human being on Earth.

We all know it – there is knowledge, genius, that easily, within a couple of years, could steer up the life-threatening mess we’re in.

We all know it – if you provide any infant, child, youth or adult with nutrition, healthy emotional guidance and sufficient boundaries, schooling and housing that individual will prosper and bring its efforts to strengthen, develop and do better for the greater good.

We all know it, but do we realize what is stopping us from reaching our fuller potential to bettering ourselves?
To evolving beyond merely consuming?
What comes to mind when asking yourself that question?

I cannot change anyone else.
I cannot expect anyone else to be the change.
I cannot put my hopes to personality types that do not inhibit the traits of caring enough to act.

We all know it – revolts have never brought more than tiny changes. And then the inherited and warped views of wielding “power” have snuck back. And we sneak with it.

Now we don’t have time for this any more!

I am grateful for an individual like Trump to have gotten into the spotlight, outing the mentality and the gall of the power-mongering few.
His inability to mask the inherited bare faced nonchalance for other people’s well-being plus the lack of intelligence revealed by “tactics” swelling of shortsightedness.
An individual like that can be seen as an eye-opener to the global community.
We are better than that!
We are meant for greatness and joy and for sharing the abundance of our little globe!

Time is nigh, people! Time is nigh!

I can only be responsible for my own actions!
Let us have our worlds back! Let us support our children!
Let us all be Greta Thunberg or else her actions as well as all the other young people and humble activists deeds world-wide will silence. Will be to no avail. Will be too late.

Let’s hurry this up people!
Let’s inspire the incentive the supposed “leaders” of politics and monetary matters to start saving the world already!

We all know it can be done!
We all know it can be planned for – the geniuses are already here!
Let’s put a stop to the hoarding of human genius!

Let’s save the world already!

How to 1000 days

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