Ignoring Bernard Arnault – What is actually demoralizing in the real world?

Bernard Arnault is clearly a child of rhetoric schooling. The unintelligent spewing of propaganda without any anchor in the world where 98% of us lead actual daily lives is definitely proof of this. Whose life choices are demoralizing to whom?

Bernard Arnault is not to blame – most of us still believe that this outdated Dark Age type of system of “ruling” and how “power” ”must” be wielded is the best kind of world order we are capable of living under.
Which of course is not true because, in the real world, this outdated definition of governing is consuming our resources – both planetary and work effort resources, and is the exact opposite of successful.
The true description of our current system as “the way it has to be” is definitely propaganda.

Definition of Propaganda from
the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause
a public action having such an effect

We are intelligent, even brilliant beings and we DO have the capacity, and beyond, to create new and functioning government of our shared world and shared responsibilities for making its wheels turn.
But Arnault is claiming to represent a worthy system, which he underlines that we all ought to support further.
But, is this an intelligent approach? And what can we do instead?

Can this “successful” (#RedefineSuccess) propaganda, fooling us into perceiving that the current state of mismanagement of our world instead become a wake-up call to us all?
Lies, unscrupulous lies, wrapped in shining rhetoric and depicted as if being an intelligent approach at administration.
When the results of this eons long segregational, all-consuming and disregardful system equals the state of the world today – how can we still be believing this propaganda as the “truth”?

Rhetorical schooling at its “best” – empty words, falsifying what is really happening by reciting the learned propaganda of claimed results and continued spreading of “this is the only way we will prosper”-confusing and misleading word-mongering.

By using this kind of unintelligent and fantasy-worldly propaganda, nothing more than a type of learned debate-school word-gaming, the agenda of a vanishing few is told as if it were the only reality to we have to choose from.

To claim that a world in crisis should keep going on in the same way that brought Homo sapiens to the state of things in the actual world and among real people, is preposterous and makes me nauseous, tired and, thankfully, deeply furious.

Righteous fury toward this kind of misleading propaganda about the demoralizing mismanagement is a healthy reaction!

Is it possible that the vanishing few individuals we allow to keep mismanaging our resources, deciding how 98% of people’s work-efforts are administered and who we mistake for being leaders of both material and societal affairs, actually aren’t all that intelligent?

Is it possible that we have people in “fake charge” who aren’t at all capable of being in proper charge?

Is it possible that these vanishing few individuals who sit in our governments, municipal and governmental officials and on most boards in the private sector are incapable of bringing about actual beneficial administration? Ever?

Does the world we live in prove to us that we need to evolve management procedures and processes?

Do the results of the current mismanagement – segregation within cities, between countries, of resources – tell us that something is not working well?

1+1 DOES NOT equal 2 in these actual IRL contexts!

So. Who is demoralizing who?
Are we demoralizing ourselves alongside Arnault and his ilk?
Yes, we are! As long as we keep toiling alongside the vanishing few we are believing and supporting this propaganda!

We are better than this people!
Let’s work at getting scientists, professionals and researchers on straightening out the truth of actual:
– Proper management
– Proper administration
– Proper governing of our mutual Little Globe
– Proper guidelines for everyones daily work efforts

Let’s save the world already!

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#RedefineWealth #RedefineProsperity #RedefineSuccess
#RedefineAdministration #WearAndTear #abundance

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