Free and open internet is a threat to the vanishing power-mongering few – most of these propagandists also deny the climate crises! Why is not rocket-science, fellow citizens of Earth!

If we don’t act now – CLOSING OUR WALLETS NOW – we will soon have no bargaining chips left, fellow humans.
Without access to our own money –
which we won’t have if the internet is controlled
– then our individual monetary assets will be too.
Personal freedom and beneficial human evolution without internet will be unimaginably diminished!

The internet is a threat to the vanishing few who need 98% of us to facilitate their addiction to monetary hoarding and control. It is only a question of time if we don’t act now!

The internet lets us learn from each other all across the globe.

The internet lets us compare methods resulting in functioning societies versus destructive societies.

The internet allows us to become very well educated and creative.

The internet lets us all learn that it is not necessary to live under harsh workloads and harsh living conditions anymore.

The internet is the 98% of the Earths population’s road to magnificent personal lives and wonderfully organized workplaces.

The internet is the tool which can be what leads us to shorter workdays.

The internet can increase the possibility for many more individuals to have humanitarian professions, while the internet and machines can be overseen to manage many jobs that human beings today are unnecessarily burdened under.

And so forth.
Yes, the internet is a huge threat to the current Dark Age-system because it is a tool that will put the vanishing few monetary hoarders and power-mongers out of a “job”.
Not rocket-science my fellow humans.
Elementary, dear people. Elementary.

With everything connected on our shared Little Globe we have a superb window in time right now
we can, all 98% of us, follow suit with the wonderful climate activist movement –
Well, if we care enough about our mutual futures that is…

Yes, everything is connected. Those who deny climate change are the ones propagating for denying anyone the use of the internet.
Closing our wallets will make a difference and the good things is that I don’t have to change anyone else to make a difference. I can talk about closing my wallet and why:
– HOW TO 1000 DAYS –
and a magnificent perk is that the one making the actual change for a prosperous future is me and only me. I don’t have to feel the burden of how to be able to make anyone else change or act!

I feel marvelously empowered by taking this action and I am making actual change.
I go to sleep knowing that I am taking my adult responsibility!

Think of the impact the single hour of Earth Hour has on energy consumption. Look it up.
Think then what we will accomplish by closing our wallets for the time being.
This will definitely not,
as the propagandists tirelessly word-monger catastrophical scenarios of,
topple the modern world and dump us all “back into” a dystopia of stone-age back-stabbing proportions.
Which actually is, if you think clearly about it, more like where we still are at today… ;D

But, this is not a joking matter my fellow human beings.
This is awfully serious!

Without us satisfying the addiction of the vanishing few, those few thousands who have a very narrow field of sight which is the side-effect of hoarding monetary profits, without us supporting their narrow shortsightedness, they will have to stand aside.

The children, youth and adults who are demonstrating have awoken enormous numbers of people all over the world is absolutely wonderful!

Each and every one who cares enough about a prosperous future for humanity –
Let’s get going at creating the grounds for letting monetary hoarders step aside to let scientists, professionals, humanitarians and researchers create baselines for proper and beneficial governing and administration of our Little Globe.
We have to act during this little window in time before power-mongers get the chance to deprive us of our access to the World Wide Webb!

Let’s save the world already!

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#RedefineWealth #RedefineProsperity #RedefineSuccess
#RedefineAdministration #WearAndTear #abundance

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