Idealists attempting to realize democratic society. Monetary hoarders masking as the definition of human prosperity. Are we really thinking straight, fellow people?

Are we really thinking straight? When shall we accept that we are too intelligent to accept this BS system any longer!
Regardless of religion, continent, own ideological stand or sports favorite –
we are too intelligent to let amateurs destroy our beautiful world!



The latest news from my government, 4 October 2019 – aka not even a month after the hugest climate demonstrations EVER – is that the monetary budgets for preparing townships for the future consequences of climate change is being reduced.

Loads and loads of:
lip service (well practiced agreeable nodding),
smiling (well practiced smiling),
lots and lots of rhetoric (well practiced word-mongering)
empty, empty, empty words later
this is the result of “democracy” and “prosperity”.

The UN scientist and researcher reports are nothing to these idealists and the vanishing few who are achieving personal monetary prosperity.
Idealists and monetary extremely “well-off” individuals who, with explicitly non-relevant “professionalism”, are in extremely dangerous positions all over the world today.
Democracy does not exist because the people we vote for and admire for being “successful” are not capable or even interested in being capable administrators.

To the first BIG ONE –
A government should consist of thousands of scientists, researchers, humanitarians and professionals. All strictly regulated against power-mongering. All paid a normal wage. All not allowed to sit on boards in other areas in society. All paid a normal wages and working normal hours.

This is not rocket-science!

And then to the next BIG ONE –
Is human prosperity actually AT ALL linked to monetary matters?
OR is this a rhetorical HUGE propaganda hoax to allow individuals addicted to monetary matters and who are incapable of seeing the results of how they are “thinking”or reasoning in any other way, reign free?

– NOTE 1: Hard work has nothing to do with attaining “prosperity”. Most individuals who work very, very hard do not achieve monetary prosperity.

– NOTE 2: I am completely OUTSIDE the dangerous and unhealthy box we are glued into and I am not not talking about the vanishing fews definition of prosperity which we all have confused prosperity with for too long now. A term relished by those who dream of monetary piles and piles or those vanishing few who manage to get ahold of their monetary piles and piles.

My individual answer to the question at the head of this entry is –
No, we are not thinking straight. Not yet! I believe in our magnificent species! I believe we are on the brink of stepping onto the road to actual success, to actual prosperity, to actual greatness and proper wealth!

Let’s close our wallets and make way for proper management of our common world. Our beautiful, abundant and bountiful Little Globe.
Let’s make the commitment of 1000 days!

Let’s save the world already.

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