Now we need to take the next, our very first conscious evolutionary, leap! We MUST let the old system go. We must thank it for allowing us to have come this far and revere it for what it has given us – also we must very much fear where it has gotten us! It is time to move on!

Often, my thoughts go to our foreparents. To times around 100 years ago when most people lived much harder lives than most people do today.
For the life of me I don’t want that kind of hardship to befall any generation to come.
For the life of me I want us to evolve – for Homo sapiens to be and reach for greatness and to strive toward purely soaring heights. Heights we definitely are capable of.

To do that we must leave the old Dark Age systems and definitions of ”ruling”, ”power structures” and ”governing” behind!

We don’t have to burn bridges anymore!!!
We don’t have to move from one rich soil to the next rich soil as soon as we have depleted the nourishment from one area!!!
We don’t have to deplete one forest for energy to move on to the next forest for energy!!!
We don’t have to burn bridges anymore!!!

Why? Because we have evolved our intellect and our emotional and mental capacities beyond mindless and shortsighted fulfilling of desperate wants!
Why? Because we have the tools of the internet and mechanical devices to relieve our toil and despair!
Now we must stop procrastinating and start practicing the use of these new evolutionary strides.

To move forward only happens when one person, one individual at a time, moves one foot in front of the other.
No-one else, not a single politician, not a single multi-naire, not a single sports-idol, not a single movie-star, not a single styling-icon, not even any of all the master-chefs, no-one, exactly nobody else will move my feet forward, my world forward, except for me!!!

Humanity has embarked upon a path where it is our choice to be letting humanitarian, inspiring and sci-fi-like innovative professions be what fills and engages the human mind.

So guess what?! We don’t have to let that harsh future be our legacy!
And guess what?! No-one else will keep us going forward – only us – one individual at a time! It is as simple as that!

When the love for my world is overwhelming, more than the tears, the mind and the heart can bear, then, I speak up, then I communicate, then I write. I simply must act or my world will break!

Example of how to 1000 days.

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