Let’s leave faintheartedness to the false leaders, idols and unnecessarily ”wealthy” of this planet! Stop HUGGING YOUR WALLETS people! RAW!

We are 8 billion potential heroes. Well, no, that’s not true – we are 5,5 billion potential adult heroes (especially every adult with enough to set food on the table of ones home) who need to step up – #AdultResponsibility

2,2 billion are children who suffer the consequences of the rest of us behaving like toddlers in fear of losing our pacifiers.

Of these 5,5 billion adults in the 195 countries of our Little Globe
(I couldn’t find an exact number of how many individuals count as government officials with clout, but let’s say that every country has, apart from the premiere-”what-so-or-whatever”, there might be 10,000 (let’s just fantasize) other influential officials that ”count” in decision making = that would make 2 000 000 ideologists and idealists playing ”adult” leaders over 7 600 998 000 other people.
These ”administrators” often employing researchers and other professionals but only to support or ”prove” their own ideological (political) agenda.
And even if they are good people the system is faulty at root so whatever their intentions are they are locked down in a destructive and rutting system.

(Dear reader, please, post in the comments if you have any relevant numbers and sources of these numbers)

But these individuals actually, IRL – facts prove this – are destructive, short-sighted, often embarrassingly incompetent and, more often than not, PROCRASTINATING over decisions that affect the rest of the individuals of Earth.
2 000 000 (very highly estimated I think) who are not doing enough for the rest of the individuals 5 500 000 000.
We must have people in administration who know what they are doing and get things done that are truly and proven to be, after the fact, beneficial to the 7,7 billion population of Earth!

Professionals who by laws and regulations OUGHT NOT to be able to ”rise in power” – but ought to get a NORMAL WORKERS WAGE for getting their job well done!
No over-time. No closed committees. No fantasy projects.
No making decisions without having done the research.

Ideologists and idealists might be more beneficial to their communities if they were allowed to be a smaller movement along-side advocating for and ”coloring” the proper administration with things that can be for fun or recreational niches for citizens to vote on.
Fun and recreation – not agendas getting the way for proper administration of ACTUAL NEEDS of the regions. The needs of schools, health-care, infrastructure, workplace health and safety, libraries, water-supply, energy developments, forest, water, animal and nature maintenance, food distribution – export, import, and so on.
Professionals planning professionally!
Researchers focusing on bettering conditions for the on-going and upcoming needs of humans, animals and planetary prosperity.

The necessity of an evolutionary leap NOW is not rocket-science, my fellow people! The human mind is capable of these things.
We have to let this outdated dysfunctional system be weened off while we implement the new. We need to form groups of professionals within all areas of societal needs to plan for our future. People going to a day-job, without the possibility of gaining power-positions EVEN If the person has leadership qualities and roles within the work-group, where is always where we have gone wrong before – believing, blindly trusting, that concentrated power will benefit us.
Just think of the magnificent lifestyles we could lead if human genius could be unleashed!!!

(WARNING: Now, the roughly estimated numbers of individuals allowed to wield mindless mismanagement through being allowed unregulated power over their fellow human beings will get even more appalling and ghastly:)

Then, we have the actual, but completely false monetary and material ”leaders” – ALL 100 – 200
(yes – in the vanishing few hundred(s) or so)
who mindlessly and ruthlessly steer the destiny of the rest of us individuals – the 7 700 000 000.
These, mostly shortsighted, blindly berserkering and allowed to do so by you and me, these vanishing few, are the vanishing few who are permitted to be wielding the axe of owning, depleting and hoarding our resources – material resources of course, but also human genius is being head-hunted and kept under lock-down thus depriving humanity of huge amounts of the intelligent thinkers, scientists and researchers!
26 individuals are allowed to ”own” as much as 3 800 000 000 of the monetary poorest individuals do.

We do allow them – don’t imagine anything else. No-one but me and you are to blame. The way we, humanity as a whole, define success and wealth, prosperity and ”making the world go around” – these are our definitions and this useless and dangerous way of administration is making way for the destruction we see in the world today.
We are not making the world go around anywhere by continuing in this fashion.

Despite the wondrous strides of the past century we are allowing this old and faulty system to drive us toward the edge of catastrophe.
Look all around you, my esteemed fellow human – suffering, mismanagement, disruption, poisoning and toil is all around.
Even CEO’s and surgeons toil inhumane hours for G’s sake!!!

Our wallets are definitely the key to the ”success” of the 1% of the 1%.

It is time to #RedefineSuccess!!!

How can we motivate this change to happen?

To evolve, to break this dysfunctional system which is the exact opposite of success for the humanity we must close our wallets.

And, very, very importantly, we need to get the individuals within the MILITARY and POLICE forces of the world onboard with that it is also for the prosperity and safety of the future of their families and grandchildren and cousins and their grandchildren’s future that is worth making a governmental evolutionary change! From the core.

We must do everything differently from scratch because we want to move forward, don’t we?
We want to keep innovations happening!
We love the luxuries of modern society!
We love traveling and enriching our life-span with experiences!

We have the genius, we have the algorithms or, if not yet, we can create them, we have the professionals who can create the outlines for administration and well-being of our world, our Little Globe!

We want to improve the mental health and social standard for humanity!
We want the elderly to be able to enjoy being rewarded for a life of hard work!
We want to reach our fuller and better potential!
We want to give the young the chance of growing up to be stable, peaceful and lead fulfilling personal and professional lives.

But to make this happen there is no-one else to look to.
The ”only” one to look to is me – my personal responsibility –
No more pacifier-whining for satisfying ME, ME, ME!
Enough is enough!
Let’s grow up already!


No-one else will ”save the world” for me!
The state of our world is no-one else’s fault!
I, you – WE – are allowing this system of egotistical gain to reign!

There is no-one but me left to point a finger at because those we currently point fingers at will not change and ARE NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF CHANGE – they have shown us this for decades now.
ESPECIALLY THEY WILL NOT CHANGE IN TIME to fend off the worst effects of global climate change!




Let’s save the world already!

Example of how to 1000 days.

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