Does it matter enough to us that it is on Earth we are meant to prosper beyond our wildest dreams? Can we embrace what an amazing species we are? Earth is the sublime place were our path as magnificent beings has just begun!

Do we really want our evolution to take on a qualitative path?
Do we want the fruits of education, scientific developments and luxurious experiences outside the workplace be what is each persons birthright?

Or do we want the vanishing few even more concentrated ownership so they will be allowed to expand in control and power over the billions of the rest of us?

We are allowing a vanishing few to control the food, water, housing, healthcare and conditions of work hours and workplace quality. The basic needs for anyone.

Can we embrace that it is possible, with our amazing technology and the internet, to rearrange and redefine administration?

Do we want work to actually generate prosperity?

Human beings do want to work!
Human beings do want to be included in meaningful activities!
Human beings do need the prerequisites to be included!

The lie of hard work being what gives an individual prosperity needs to be burst for the unreal bubble it is.

Workaholism, quick cash, “an eye for business-deals” and “being at the right place at the right time” does not equal a job well done!

Does any of this matter to us?

Does it matter that we already are living on the only planet in all of the known universe that is thriving with life and possibility?

Does it matter that Homo sapiens is a magnificent species with abilities beyond imagination?

Does it matter that there is evidence that children can grow up strengthened beyond their family’s social heritage both emotionally and intellectually and mature to become stable and responsible adults if they “only” are given the prerequisites of a well-functioning society, given a fighting chance?

Does it matter that we clearly are able to achieve brilliant technological innovations which can mean that humanitarian professions can become the priority needed for bettering human healthcare on all levels – the platform to build our brighter future on?

Does it matter that we are capable of acting on “out of this world” compassion toward each other?

Does it matter that we are constantly excelling in physical, emotional and mental health care methods?

If these areas matter to us, if we can comprehend the progress we, Homo sapiens, have reached in this past century, then we have to stop procrastinating and take our evolution a step further.

We cannot let education be under monetary segregation.

We cannot let genius and resources be hoarded.

We cannot let scientific advancements be restricted by monetary lockdowns.

We cannot let access to healthcare be a global lottery.

We are allowing humanity’s prosperity to be fenced in by individuals with hoarding personality traits.
A vanishing few who happened to be at “the right place at the right time” and very often, terrifyingly enough, not with morally sound compasses.

Yes, we are allowing this!

We are also allowing so called “generous charitable causes” direct who will benefit from humanity’s advancements. Systems and regulations that only benefit an almost randomly selected few who also happen to be in the right place at the right time, while shutting out billions of individuals who would also excel if given the opportunity.

Does it matter that we allow individuals who happen to be at the right place at the right time – an accepted and allowed lottery of which individuals get to rule over extremely important issues regarding our little globe’s resources and over the very lives of other individuals – a system mostly based on variables of chance allowed to be what rules in matters of vital importance for billions?

I sometimes think of the East Germans who where completely powerless as a vanishing few West German individuals who were monetary “fortunates” and who had had decades of a head start at requiring monetary wealth, were be able to purchase the East German people’s home lands and properties in a matter of hours when the country was united again.
There is no sanity in a system as this one.
We are allowing, many of us even admiring, a dysfunctional system!
“They worked hard for getting where they are at” is an often repeated slogan. A common lie that is told as if it were true.
The events of the reunion of Germany is a horrific example of how the rest of the world is being mismanaged in the same way. It gives an example for understanding what has been done globally for centuries.
A system that in my point of view is, at its roots, a grotesque hindering block for the prosperity of the human race.


Does it matter enough to us that we want to keep expanding enjoying a bettered living standard, better work hours and enjoyable free time?

Does it matter enough to us that our children and the generations to come have access to inspiring learning facilities with plenty of time and competent teachers freely offered to them?

Does it matter enough to us that we live on the most bountiful little globe in the known universe and that it is teeming with life and possibility, pulsating with growth at the touch on the soles of our feet?

If it matters to us then we need to better ourselves!

If it matters we need to realize that this world order is not going to work at achieving the greater good!

If it matters to us we need to admit that we are magnificent and that our world is in fact abundant!

If our well-being and our brilliant possibilities are to flourish we need to get a move on and start building a system that works for the benefit of Homo sapiens.

Let’s better the world already!

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