When I understand that Earth’s, our shrinking world’s, administrations are in disorder the only urgency is to work on solutions for evolving methods for handling planetary abundance and excelling the individual human being’s abilities!

Monetary and political “leaders” do not seem overly interested in seeing to the possibilities of conforming to humanity’s dawning magnificence.
If they truly had the incentive, the necessary motivation, it would have been organized already!
It seems that researchers, scientists and professionals within all areas concerning human and planetary prosperity will have to form work groups outside of normal work hours to kick-start an accelerated procedure of how to implement beneficial strategies for the needs and gain of humanity, all life-forms and our material world.

To dwell on the problems humanity is facing has been good and very important up to this point. Certainly researchers and scientists in all areas need to keep a continuously aware eye on how things “progress” within the dysfunctional areas that humanity is facing.

BUT now, much, well, nearly all, intelligent resources need to be put into planning, working out strategies and actually implementing these for developing ways to handle what is coming as well as handling – not procrastinating through merely analyzing – what severe problems we already have developed.

I tire of reading only about the problems!

I tire of the individual citizen of Earth still believing that someone else will fix our world’s issues for us.

“What can I do? I can’t make a difference! No-one else is doing anything!”

Through the millennia it is proven that one dysfunctional leadership after the next will not fix anything. Individuals coming into power positions are prone to becoming irresponsible and implementing subjective laws and rules for creating social “order” has always proven to be a recipe for disaster.
This is as evident as 1+1=2 when we look at the 1+1 which is the same thinking about rule and administration = the disorder which we are facing today and have faced through millennia.
What we call democracy is clearly not democracy and it is not working very well for us. Neither have demonstrations or revolutions worked out to change anything as fast as we need the world order of administration of our vastly shrunk planet to evolve today!

Now, we are in a small window of time where we have a non-violent possibility to bring about fundamental change.

Yes, we are making progress.
Child mortality UNICEF
Literacy UNICEF
Healthcare – Seven Visions of the Future of Healthcare, The Telegraph

Wonderful progress!
But times are nigh, Dear Reader.
We need to take a conscious evolutionary leap this time and put the ideas of revolution and demonstrations behind us.

We need serious efforts RIGHT NOW, to take action RIGHT NOW, to begin building for a better world – scientists, researchers and professionals within all areas to get together outside work and plan for improving the daily routines and administrations of things.
It does not seem to be within the capabilities of our current or past “leaders” to organize this on a global scale!


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