Stop spending on unnecessary stuff, Dear Reader! We must commit to create an incentive for a global ban be put on monetary restrictions on the work toward the crucial planning ahead for a beneficial transition into the near future!

This is a lean and mean approach to achieving global prosperity. We need to use the momentum of the global climate awareness movement to push the beneficial evolution for humanity’s benefit to even deeper and future benefits.
Individuals are starting to shop more and more sustainably.
A commitment of 1000 days is roughly 2,74 years.
To make a commitment of cutting down spending on unsustainable produce and products is an amazing journey in personal worth, self-growth and self-appreciation and, more importantly, a path into maturing into a responsible and compassionate adult.
The self-inventory that I’ve had to embark upon has proven to be a job for making baby-step beginnings at growing up for real ;D
Not everything in my little world is about my first impulsive urges!
Instead I need to think twice as well as thrice!

To think several steps ahead and reminding myself of the short time span of 1000 days and the stakes for the future of my world is an ongoing in-depth inventory and it makes me feel very good at the end of the day.

I believe the scientists used by the UN. Therefor this commitment is the only path for me to take.

Next year I will be flying twice. This is inevitable. I keep thinking and hoping for train travel to be made more accessible, but at least I’ve cut my flying down by 80 percent.
Meat, clothes and things for my home are at a near zero.
I commit by blogging, talking tirelessly about these issues and enjoying the wonderfully warm feeling this focus gives me.
I noticed that is only possible to take this seriously by actually doing the 1000 day challenge!

Before I would be very upset and put the blame outside myself and I felt helpless and had a awful sense of unescapable doom.
Now, that is replaced by this wonderful commitment!

Keep up the good work, Dear Reader! Commit! Spread the word!



 Lets save the world already 




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