Despite believing in, and even having written a book highlighting, the wonders of human potential I am suddenly struck with core-unsettling fear.

With ever increasing and escalating enlightenment due to education and the internet more and more humans crave decency and proper managements.

Many are still wallowing in beliefs of being powerless before ruthless leaders and that ”the old ways (current ways) of misrule have to be the way it has to be” but many of us know that proper evolution IS POSSIBLE.

The tools at humanity’s disposal today are absolutely fantastic and if used to take a conscious evolutionary leap we will soon be soaring! Our whole world will be. This does not have to take more than a decade or one and a half.
We would actually notice a notable difference in just a couple of years.

Several 100s of MILLIONS of people, people like you and me, will be having to move away from rising sea levels starting now.
In the 2050s the numbers of people are estimated to be 350 MILLION!

Are most of us sitting around expecting someone else to fix the mess we are in for us?
Expecting politicians and multi-naires to suddenly become responsible just out of sheer, miraculous and sudden evolution of character?

What if Earth’s administrations aren’t reformed into serving humanity for reaching our much higher potential?
What if politicians and multi-naires keep on as they have by doing lip-service and IRL keep on track with their own agendas?

What if the new strides humanity has taken within technology and internet aren’t met with the same huge strides concerning humanitarian needs?

What if most of us, the everyday people who have to live in the wonderful day-to-day world, don’t take action to create a non-negotiable incentive for the people in mis-managing positions (politicians and multi-naires) to act upon the crisis we are facing?

What if we will just keep sitting on our backsides expecting change to just fall into our laps?

What if we believe that solely protesting, acknowledging that things are chaotic and putting all our hopes into demonstrations proves to be what it always has been before – a too slow and not nearly impactful enough approach!!?!!

There is the ever shrinking habitable little globe of ours to take into account and all the people that very soon will be having to move, to leave their very homes.

It might be you or me!!!

Think to be in a plight as this and you break your little toe. Or a child breaks its little toe. That hurts – I mean truly, agonizingly HURTS!
Lets say that that is the ”little” thing that befalls you or someone in your family or close circle when you are forced to live away from the safety of what you once knew. Not the flu, heart-failure or tooth-ache.
A broken toe does still have to be seen to by someone, you would think.
But there would be no-one. You would lag behind.

This is a scenario that extremely many people already face – and I am talking about communities that still are in place. I am talking about countries in the ”west” where governments are cutting down on human rights as you read this.

When is the truth of what ”economy”, ”success”, ”rising stars” within all areas and ”prosperity” sustaining the few and highlighting only a vanishing few is doing to humanity!!?

”Economic growth” – what a horrific smokescreen for the disaster we are facing!!!

Where are the enormous workgroups that have to be working on global solutions for this?
The workgroups that must be allowed to work without monetary hand-cuffs and be freed from the restraints of the countries of Earth’s borders?
”Countries” are soon a thing of the past with the shrinking world we are inhabiting!

Instead I read of examples such as Jakarta who are putting 40 BILLION USD into building a wall (yet another wall even though it is to shut out the sea it is still just as shortsighted as the other wall we all have heard of…)
Instead of going to the bottom with the mismanagement we are allowing and which is at the core of what we need to face we consider plastering over the core-issue.

I am not talking about the needs of multi-naires or politicians – they already have several homes, monetary means and even private jets to spirit them away from the effects we are causing by allowing this mis-rule to continue.

I am talking about the needs and musts of everyday people, WE – the YOUs and MEs – who have to, now or never it seems, take a stand and DO SOMETHING!


There is tremendous power in the action of one person. Plus the anguish of watching the mis-rule continue behind false promises and inaction is relieved through doing my very best!

I can’t blame anyone else! I am a part of this problem!

Through history we know that toppling mis-rulers only makes new mis-rulers crawl out of the woodwork. It is time to see over administrations as a whole. The power not to be allowed to be wielded by small groups of incapable people.

If we are going to prosper across the threats that are facing humankind this is the only and perfectly wondrous path.

We might not get all countries to join in and but the ones that will be forced to take action will be enough.

We CAN bring about this evolutionary leap! WE CAN!

And no-one else has to do it for us. That is the factor that makes this approach supremely do-able!

Demonstrations are wonderful but in a person everyday life and to take a stand that will stir things up in a tangible way we need to act on a personal basis.

All these things are going to have to be addressed and NOW!

We all know that humanity is facing crisis. Not only humanity but the world around us. Everyone agrees on this even if many of us take stands on different issues.
Can we agree on something? Are their common denominators that can be acted upon?
Of course there are! We are so much alike at the core us humans!
We and our children and elderly have exactly the same needs and wants as any other person.
Imagine being stuck on a deserted island with 50 others – yes, our needs are the same!

We can do this – ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

Let’s better the world already!

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