During a break the question of “who am I to write about world reforming ideas” has risen.

I sometimes think that having cheated death and taken my responsibility after 25 years of being a self-serving person, with little or no regard for my fellow citizens of Earth, qualifies me for having the clout to being in the right to have a say with a very strong opinion about matters concerning the evolution of mankind.

On other days when my self-esteem tells me that I haven’t entangled myself enough in the skills of name-dropping, intellectualizing about difficult topics and getting into the being of an idealist within the ranks of politics, I begin begin doubting my right to be heard, even.

Then when I’ve contemplated these things for a while I come back to looking at myself and the results of what I stand for showing themselves IRL in my way of life. The results of actually living by my principles – not only paying lip-service – and I realize that – ABSOLUTELY – since I live responsibly to the best of my abilities and am very careful to consider how I treat myself and my fellow person, then – YES – I truly qualify for stating what is my experience, my understanding of the mess we’re in and what I understand must be done about it.

There is no room for procrastinating anymore.
There is only room for creating a better future NOW.

There is only room for standing up for our world!

Let’s better the world already!


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