Being human, with all my shortcomings and the mistakes I make, the gratitude I experience toward being able to develop my responsibility for practical, beneficial, down to earth acts, is often my salvation.

To act impulsively and cause hurt to my loved ones and myself is something I have to face on a daily basis. I give my son the wrong message or I tell myself a not very thoughtful reprimand. It might be a random person where, in a flighty meeting, I let my stress or simply act out my own dissatisfaction with my day and completely behave badly.

Sometimes “only” in my mind but many times I can blurt out irritation or project unacknowledged bad conscience (that I possibly don’t even know is gnawing at me…) This is me being human.

I often mention it only being 104 years ago that Freud released his first book. A person who was very careful to revise what he could when new findings and facts proved him wrong. This reminds me to keep an open mind about my own behavior.

Behavioral science is so new to the human race and still has very far to go before the inward exploration of beneficial and destructive motivations become understood. Not to mention how long it takes for me in my little life-span to begin facing the inward journey of being humble to being a bundle of impulses when I really, truly wish I could state that I know what I’m doing.

Crucial for me to evolve is gaining and nurturing humility. It is admitting that in order to be able to develop the ability of greater discernment regarding my inner subconscious motivations that will bring me to an open mindset which will allow for behavioral changes and improvement.
I need to admit that even though I might have conquered much of the world around me and have found out how I can survive in it (as my conditions are today) this conquest means little to nothing if I continue acting as a fool and worse.

Many times in this world of navigating on my inner journey into becoming a better person the only safe haven my sense of worth and my belief in the possibility to evolve is through the practical actions I take.

These can be as simple as – sustainable shopping, taking the bike instead of a fossil fueled vehicle, eating sustainably for the planet, recycling.

Then some actions are harder and crave a lot of inner courage and muscle, such as – telling someone I’ve hurt that I have become aware that what I did was self-centered and very inconsiderate or to begin to take care of my body if I have been doing harmful things to it. Also to begin to act more and more consequently better toward my fellow person which comes more naturally when I treat myself with proper boundaries and allow myself to experience unfiltered, sober, pride and joy.

This world, my world, needs the inner evolutionary journey to take off. Now. without an inner sense of personal worth and responsibility my world will crumble and it will be a terrible journey before it does.

Humanity has conquered the outer world. We have lay the physical at our feet and brought the fury and ruthlessness of our inner conquistadors into it. This is a fiercely destructive path and it will not change if I don’t take an individual oath to change my ways. To become a better human being. I cannot ask this of anyone else!

I need to, WE need to, evolve beyond it. To take a leap beyond impulsively acting out our unruly cravings for more.

I need to, WE need to evolve consciously and learn how to behave with style and grace on our ever shrinking planet.

I need to, WE need to, grow up by practicing how to be responsible in the true sense of the word.

To mature, to take the first steps toward becoming a real human adult, I need to be honest and to realize the uselessness of my old traits of merely stampeding on pursuing an unchecked impulse for crass survival. The world can sustain our whole population and we, this genial species, can easily develop strategies for the planetary crisis we are facing. As long as we take matters seriously and begin setting boundaries for immature forms of mis-rule and monetary handcuffs.

It is time to develop, to evolve, into a mature human being so that I can reach prosperity on the inside and thereby become rich together with my whole tribe of Homo sapiens.

Let’s grow up for real and better the world already!

It begins with me! With every single me on this planet!

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