How to motivate oneself into taking action BEFORE the days of the dawning of global prosperity have taken off and society will crumble around us.

As it seems that children will not be the ones to do the job of securing the perks of life for us and since it seems that many of us in grown up bodies actually do believe the science but are not changing our life-styles – what to do?

How do we trick our procrastinating minds into action? This article from BBC highlights why most of us stand around doing exactly nothing in the face of the dire consequences we are facing. ”How brain biases prevent climate action”.

Most of us cling on to the evidently failed system of letting ideologists and multi-naires be the ones to shape our surrounding world. Most of the reasons for this individual behavior – letting others be responsible – are explained in the article and are quite logical.

But now, we do not have the luxury of sitting idly by any longer.

And I am not talking about demonstrating – because the world will not become a better place because of that. The children will not be the ones to save the world and our evolution!
This will not be how we evolve!

I am talking about being aware and scared enough to realize that we, each and every individual, need to want a prosperous life in old age to be willing to sacrifice 1000 days from today by stopping shopping and using fossil fuels to extremest extent possibly possible! To drive if you must to the nearest bus- or train stop. To bike to utmost extent possible. To buy second hand clothes for the kids. To cut down on foods that harm the atmosphere!


The pride you will feel is amazing!
The effects on your physical and mental well-being is magnificent!
The power you will feel and the marvelous splendor of satisfaction that will seep through your every pore is beyond any other personal challenge you’ve ever set up for yourself because it is so much more than any personal shortsighted kick!

I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would feel so good and empowered. That the ”sacrifice” was no sacrifice at all but an enormous gain!
In both personal development and growth as a person as well as experiencing how amazingly wholesome my body feels – it is very happy with me for every day that I walk that extra stretch and eat that extra sustainable meal.

Enough with looking to others to do the job for you!!!
Human up, for heavens sake and be the adult in whose body you inhabit!
Be the change!!! Be the one to secure being able to enjoy life’s perks even a decade in the future!
Be the one to ensure that humanity is not thrown back into the strife of a crumbling society!

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