So, despite the science we are not changing our ways. And apparently we don’t seriously believe that people in power will save the day. Then why aren’t we making different choices in our day-to-day lives?

My heart bleeds. My soul tears. I simply cant’ understand the massive denial or the astounding inactivity of the adult generations.
Truthfully, of ideologists and multi-naires I hadn’t expected all that much – centuries and millennia have proven that those kinds of people aren’t motivated by the needs of the bigger picture. BUT, the enormity of the crisis and humungous non-action from most of the citizens of Earth floors me. And speechless tears of rage flame inside me.

How much more unnecessary anguish and despair must we afflict on ourselves and our young by keeping up our old ways? Every day we are weakening our chances to better our world? Making the change for reforming will be extremely harder for every day we just continue doing nothing.

How terribly awful must the consequences have become before we “ordinary” adults realize that there is no other way but for us, individually, to step up!?

More and more I understand how different the future looks that awaits the young. The future that they carry with dread in their so adolescent hearts and minds.
They are trying to tell us that the future world they envision is not anywhere, on any radar, depicted in any dystopian image or fearful foresight that any of us above 30 years of age have ever have had the utter nightmare of having to face as they do.
The future that the scientists and researchers all across our world are shouting out for us all to recognize as BEING TRUE and PROVEN FACTS.
As these, our youngest, have had to become aware of since before they even started school!
It is all over the news, on TV-shows and the young have picked up these facts from snippets of conversations and debates, believe you me!

My questions are heaping up now.

Why aren’t ALL adults stepping up?

How can we individuals in adult bodies keep driving solo-cars to work where other transportation is possible?!
To cut down driving 4 to 5 times a week would create a HUGE INCENTIVE for change in our administrations and make way for both kept and continued future prosperity.

How can we so-called adults keep buying lots and lots of new stuff all the time? Is it the illusory feeling of importance, chic and “being, looking, appearing decent”.
I just need to say that the actual effect of shopping unnecessary things right now, is IN TRUTH PURELY THE OPPOSITE – it is shameful behavior in the face of the suffering humanity is driving itself head-first into.

All of the cut-backs will befall the masses – not the ideologists or the multi-naires en masse.

Is it possible that the shortsightedness of everyday people will be the downfall of the world as we know it?
That the fault is not politicians or multi-naires?

Will a new world order rise from the suffering?

Or, shall we be educated enough to act now? To reform our administrations and refuse to accept thoughtless and shortsighted so-called leaders – both in politics and monetary motivational areas?

Do we want to prosper, evolve and be able to flourish, enjoying the wondrous innovations and luxuries of the modern world?

Enough is enough!
Instead of Earth hour – make it an Earth Year! Or even better, make it 1000 days!
THIS WILL bring about the change we need! The change we must be!


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