Determined New Day, Dear Reader! :)

It’s super-nice being a caring person and being proud to care. Taking responsibility seriously is healing. Caring about and taking action for what is de facto important for living a good life today and all the upcoming todays on our abundant planet Earth.
Our globe, our Earth, this magnificent private spaceship, is hurtling through space. Firstly around its own axis, then around the Sun and also around the center of our galaxy, The Milky Way, which is also in motion within our supercluster Laniakea .
This is not a saga. This is not a fantasy beyond understanding. This is our day-to-day rut, if you will.
This is not mind-boggling. It is amazing and beyond but not really rocket-science. It is a fact.

What is mind-boggling, on the other hand is how we as individual human beings are letting utter madness rule this miraculous life-throbbing world of ours. Today.
We are letting people without adequate administrative training drive our incredibly beautiful world deeper into the pits of damage and suffering for all life and ravaging our material resources.
Are there any of our so-called “leaders” that has a PhD’s or Masters in planning for and looking out for their “subjects” actual human needs – food, housing, education, logistics and happiness.
Are there any of the people in parlaments and senates and other governmental committees that are sitting down looking at the actual facts of births to plan for pre-schools, elementary schools and universities for the children that will be the work-forces needed for the future gain of society? Are they competent enough to plan according to the statistics of future needed health-care resources for their citizens? And so on and so very, very much forth…

Are there in fact any political/ideological individuals who are capable, int the true meaning of the word capable, of upholding a position that ought to be filled by at least 20 thoroughly well-educated and skilled societally planning geniuses?

Is it time for the human race to let ideologists step aside? To let these “believers” instead have influence in, say, 20 % of the worlds organizational capacities?
Is it time to delegate the actual planning of the running of things to competent professionals who are educated in planning for the actual needs that human beings have?

Basic needs which truly ought to be administrated by professional people with skillsets way beyond ideological beliefs and opinionated systems?

Basic human and planetary administration can not be tied down to opinions!!!

To continue being proud, happy and joyful this day and the upcoming days I will continue this blog, continue writing, continue acting responsibly in my daily routines and consumption.

I am going to continue making also 2020 a great year!

Happy new resolve everybody 😀

Enough is enough!
Instead of Earth hour – make it an Earth Year! Or even better, make it 1000 days!
THIS WILL bring about the change we need! The change we must be!


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