The horrific suffering which is continuously worsening because humanity is allowing opinions/ideologies and multi-naires to continue to rule!

As the global crisis worsens we must make the transition into well educated governing of the globe. It is not a difficult mission. To put the supervision of the basic needs for all living beings as well as the administration of the material necessities into tens of thousands of professionals who, through thorough regulations, would not be able to abuse their commissions of trust.

We have to set upon the task of achieving this conversion of administrating the Earth and all its living beings today!
The horror of imagining what will befall us, the people and animals of our world if we don’t!
Is it because we accept more and more unimaginable deaths? Is that why we are silent? Deaths that can be prevented?
Imagine what will happen if the scientists are telling the truth!!!

We have “conquered” the outside world. We’re done with that. There is no more to discover there. There is no more to gain by greedily hoarding and harassing “the lesser fortunate”. Those traits are rather more tell-tale signs of a modern human weakness than the enviable grandiosity of the past. We have so many examples of incompetence and self-centeredness in current so called leaders that really are quite embarrassing as individual people.
It is time to revise how an actual modern administration needs to be created and implemented. I think that this is much easier to achieve than what my fear for the unknown whispers with its procrastinating brakes.

We cannot let those kinds of amateurs wield power over life and death anymore. We really can’t!

The vanishing few opinionated and/or hoarding personalities shall not be allowed to bring about horrendous suffering to our lives by continuing to, through incompetence, ruining the running of the world we all live in.

Opinions will not fix this horrid mismanagement!!!

The time has come to be the change. To be responsible. To realize that the future is now!
Read this risk report from the World Economic Forum. When even the professionals in these areas are awakening to the need of doing something radically new for bettering and safeguarding our current and future well-being then we all have to step up.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in. This is not a question of belief – these are issues are actually happening. Just as we need water, sleep, food and shelter – it is time to act as the magnificently beings we are!

Enough is enough!
Instead of Earth hour – make it an Earth Year! Or even better, make it 1000 days!
THIS WILL bring about the change we need! The change we must be!


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