Charity is allowing multi-naires and political ideologist rulers to keep on keeping on!!!

The factual understanding of the world being unjustly, ruthlessly and ineffectively run are truths that are seldom clarified, just as the ability to feel and express the anger about this mismanagement of humanity’s ought-to-be prosperous age is being numbed.
Helping the mis-rule along are the facts that people in general are being over-worked and on top of that being forced into debt to even put a roof over one’s head and food on the table + the smallest of luxuries.

One other numbing, deflecting and misleading factor standing in the way of us reaping the fruits of this fantastic future is the constant bombardment of visual and printed ads stating that the individual’s 1 – 50 (x-currency) per month would be what changes and alleviates the suffering of the billions of people who live life below any measurement of decent health, education and other living standards.

It is a lie that it is modern humanity’s responsibility to see through!

It is not the everyday working persons duty to see to it that our shared planet is correctly managed to sustain the billions of people who all have a right to a bountiful quality of existence! IT’S JUST NOT TRUE that this burden should lie on anyone other than the people who should be educated and responsible enough to see to it that these birthrights are managed to run smoothly!!! FOR EVERYONE!!!
It is NOT rocket science! It is a question of competence and the right people in the right positions – hired to do a job of proper administration!

We need to change everything – AND NOT EVEN THAT IS ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE!!!

I am completely convinced that seeing through the truth of the lie of charity – seeing that charity is NOT a good thing – will bring about the bettering of the correct administration of our abundant Earth!

When I personally realized that my monetary or physical input might cause more procrastination I stopped and began working for change through other channels.
I saw that charity was a smokescreen and a hindering blockage for humanity to waking up to the benefits that this new, fascinating world of internet and technology can bring our world. I saw that building for a better tomorrow today would not happen through donations or charity, that these things were not long-term solutions and did not sprout possibilities and pre-requisites. When that dawned on me, then so much more fell into place.
It is my responsibility to be active for an intelligent management being brought about to start humanity off into a brilliant future – by working toward changing everything – especially changing the misconception and veering off from the deflection of charity being what will save the world!

Humanity needs a new way of running things – this will not be brought about through charity! Never!

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