True prosperity – what will matter when I face my last days?

I often do the contemplative experiment of deepening my understanding of prosperity. I re-evaluate what is of true importance to me as an individual in this, my valuable and miraculous chance at being alive.

Isn’t it absolutely mind-boggling?!

Here I am hurtling on a truly sci-fi marvelous planet zzzing-ing through the space while orbiting around a sizzling hot, life-giving star which in turn slings us all shazooming out and about in the universe!!!

What if this is the only planet to harbor life? What if?

What will matter to me when I reach 92 years?
What will matter to me if catastrophe strikes?
What matters to me if I could choose between life or destruction? I mean, truly choose?

Today I act in favor of what really matters to me, to the best of my ability.

Family, friends, creating a healthy as possible emotional and physical life, experiencing joy and taking responsibility for a shared and bountiful planetary future.
Yeah – that’s what seems most important to me. That is how I define prosperity today. YUMMY!!!

I still am haunted by the illusion of money, property and prestige. Outdated ideas lying about being the most fabulous goals. The old patterns echoing between my ears.

But, when all is stripped down to what is of meaningful value and importance – what true prosperity and success is – the humane, all living things and the divine are all that shine through as being of actual abundance.

Enough with this mutated, cancerous misunderstanding of prosperity being of monetary och superficial matters!
Enough with empty idols and mis-rulers!

We are capable of creating a new way of defining prosperity.

Enough is enough!

Example of how to 1000 days.


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