Redefine prosperity and success – let’s not get back to normal!!!

These are unforgiving times. If only we could get back to not having the Covid-19 pandemic.
People who ought to have lived their lives as family members, friends and colleagues have left us since they caught this awful virus. They lost their lives much too early and we are not, frighteningly enough, seeing the end of the pandemic yet.

The longing for being back in December, back in June, even back in the dark Nordic month of February last, thumps in my unbelieving chest at times.
If only things would go back to normal!

But then, my heart and mind shakes itself out of the delusion of how the world over all was better before the pandemic and then, I remember the anger and strife children, young people, scientists and researchers, many adults and politicians actually were going through last year.
The book, “A Hair’s Breadth – A Leap Beyond Chance”, that I wrote to depict a better and believable future because of the desperation I felt about
adult negligence and nonchalance toward our world’s mismanagement. A book I wrote especially for our children’s right to a prosperous future.

No, I don’t want life to go back to the way it was before.
I want the Covid-19 virus pandemic to pass.
I want the adults of today to grow a backbone TODAY and stand up and demand the restructuring of the management and administration of our societies!

I envision the redefinition of the value of pitching in of every individual’s work hours and capabilities. I hope that the adults of humanity will stand up to make the day-to-day run of the mill activities run smoothly and then be recognized for the importance of each and every workers* contribution.
*(Workers being exactly every single person getting out of bed to do their part – politicians, executives, children studying, hygiene technicians, health care workers, social workers, teachers, and so forth!)

Now the adults of humanity are facing the truth about hard work, about the true importance of all professions.
Suddenly we are getting a panoramic view that shows us how governmental support together with innovative initiatives unquestionably shines as the path on which the world can truly succeed in facing down this threat.
Our solidarized efforts will be what brings about the best possible outcome of this horrific situation.

Taking action together, working as equals in a joint team effort, is the only thing giving us tangible hope.

What will happen, and is happening, to people whose lives are threatened already by the mismanagement of our resources, long before this pandemic?
Can we now get a deeper understanding for the grim futures that our scientists, researchers and young are screaming for us to adhere?

Can we now realize that the global economic system is faulty and, apparently –
That what we define as value is worthless when it comes down to living a good and worthy life?

Can we bring this knowledge to the table? PLEASE!!!

Let’s not to go back to “normal”!
Let’s learn from this and redefine success, redefine the worth of anyone input at the workplace!
Humanity really, really needs to speak up and put a stop to the misrule of our rich planet so as not to let the shortsightedness of the ultra-rich and politics be what keeps individual freedoms and development on continued lockdown.

We need administrators who are day-workers.
Administrators who are regulated from being able to amass power-wielding capabilities.
Administrators making calculations and implementing plans for the well-being of the citizens of today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

I lived in a village in my youth. There there lived a savant who could tell you any of the village’s 3000 citizen’s telephone number. He had that amazing knack, but he needed help from other adults because he lacked the ability to take care of himself and also to be a part of the rest of the community in a meaningful manner.
This memory of him came to me the other day when I was sitting contemplating about the future of our abundant and magnificent world.
The people who we allow to wield power seem to me to be a lot like this man.

The ultra-rich have a knack for creating more ways to hoard monetary wealth, a.k.a. monetary prosperity. They don’t actually work harder or risk their lives or livelihoods. At least not more than most, but we allow their knack to be the definition of what prosperity and success “actually means”.

Politicians also have a knack for firing up support, targeting the masses with questions that are important to their voters with well practiced rhetoric talents. A widespread “understanding” of politicians as being indispensable has also rubbed off on most.

So, instead of, for the most part, having scientists and researchers plan for the actual needs of a society, the adult humans of Earth are letting a few ultra-rich and politically oriented individuals have free reign. We are allowing this misrule regardless of the actual long-term and destructive results in the real world.

This is extremely irresponsible of us as adults!!! The damage we are allowing this handful of individuals to do is unforgivable – this we can readily conclude from the harsh and dire straits we currently are navigating through.

The ultra-rich and the politicians are not to blame! They are simply following the pull of their knack!
They are simply doing what the man from the village of my childhood did – enjoying and flourishing in their niche of “reciting every phone number in the register”.

The effects of the misrule are already upon us.
Can we transfer the knowledge and reality of this terrible pandemic into fueling a loud and resolute course of demanding change?

Let’s grow a backbone:

For the children!
For the victims of having to do the work of two!
For the victims who are working under-waged!
For the people who are not having the right to healthcare!
For the people having to leave their business’ and homes because of a faulty global economic system!
For the people – the millions of people – who will soon have their lives shattered by climate change!
For the people not being able to afford or access schooling! (P.S. Think of all the individual abilities humanity is missing out on because of education being widely excluding people due to monetary matters – the baffling illogic of having to pay for learning how to be an important cog in the well-being of ones society and country)

Enough procrastinating – now is the time to relate to the fear of the young and the utter unfairness of the victims of climate change and underpaid and understaffed hard working people littering the globe with their stress, anguish and despair!

Most of us can transfer the fear, the painful grief and sorrow, the uncertainty we feel because of Covid-19 and its victims – the dead, their loved ones. We can relate to the fear each of us have for our children, relatives and friends.
We can transfer that fear and achieve an understanding, birthing a constructive empathy, amassing an energy we can channel into the ongoing and surely oncoming catastrophic and unforgiving consequences that our inaction and acceptance up until now is causing.
Our allowing this globally widespread mismanagement to keep on keeping on.

Now is the time to redefine prosperity!
Now is the time to redefine success!
Now is the time to grow a backbone for human equity and for a brilliant future for all life on Earth!

Change is possible.

If anything, this terrible pandemic has proven to all of us that efficiency and enforced global lockdown is possible!
Wellbeing for all life must come first!

But it must begin with us – the 5 billion adults – to step up and demand a change.

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