The vanishing few who have a knack for all things monetary are allowed to topple the world.

Are we really okay with this, or is it time to take a conscious leap to achieve widespread prosperity?

My heart bleeds for all the people who are losing their lives and their loved ones loss.
All whose possibilities to put food on the table and providing for their own and their loved ones security has worsened due to this awful pandemic.

My heart also bleeds
– for the healthcare workers and all safety and service providers who stand in the front line risking their lives because of material shortages when hospitals worldwide are not being able to afford to buy the essentials because of monetary lockdowns set on the quality and inequality of human life,
– for all those who are being laid off,
– for the small business owners not managing to fulfill their monetary obligations so as to stay afloat,
– for the home owners and tenants who are at risk of losing the roof over their heads,
– for the children who aren’t able to study because of not having access to the internet due to monetary matters,
and, as always,
– for all the millions of people who will horrifically starve to death now – the unfathomable suffering of the last breaths of innumerable children, young and adults due to monetary “enterprise and dictatorships allowed on our abundant globe 🙁
and, of course, all others who are suffering, will suffer and those of us whose suffering will be deepened because of the crisis we are in.

Much of the suffering today is caused by us being indifferent through inaction and thereby continuously allowing this global system of monetary hoarding by the vanishing few individuals who happen to have a knack for that kind of thing.

I hope the absurdity of the mismanagement of our abundant world will become clearer now – if anything we need to honor all the human beings whose lives are shattered and lost as a consequence of monetary hoarding and BY STANDING UP and acknowledging the absurdity of our faulty system.

It is time to take a huge conscious administrative leap – we have the genius to create an astounding everyday society!

I love entrepreneurship!
I love innovations!
I love seeing that having or being given the prerequisites to pursue your talents and your dreams almost always result in success!
I love seeing people making a living out of their talents while contributing to society!
I love seeing cultural workers and sport talents share their gifts!

But monetary hoarding because you happen to have a gift or a knack or because you’ve inherited monetary wealth – come on! Let’s grow beyond this – it’s getting dangerous for us and the world around us and, quite frankly, the harsh and life-shattering consequences are shameful for us adults to accept.

Geniuses who could enrich the world we live in, but instead through inaction we adults are allowing nations and corporations to lock them down behind self-serving walls – is that really acceptable anymore? Really??!

All the people who are dying and will die.
All the people who will be buried in debt for the rest of their lives.
All the children deprived of their bright futures because of us, their adults, acceptance of this deranged and derailed monetary hoarding!
A system that has brought us this far but that does not serve humanity as a whole any longer!

Unspeakable tragedy because of an evidently outdated administrative, albeit globally accepted, system.
A system which is still widely seen as the definition of what, how and who is allowed to count as “successful” and achieve “prosperity” in our world.

And I am also, again and again, hit by the realisation that this is not entirely a new problem. Not at all, and a great deal of the suffering for those who survive the Covid-19 virus, the post-pandemic population, will be and is being brought on by the vastly dysfunctional mis-managment and definition of who is worth what on our planet. This is glaringly obvious!

We do have the experts – scientists, researchers and professionals within all fields to create new administrative regulations within all areas of human and planetary activity.

Now that the world is toppling in every corner of our world, is there any chance that the majority of the adult population – I mean hard working grown-ups everywhere – will stand up for reason/common sense and demand human rights in their respective communities.
A recognition of the value of hard work for everyone.
Now, if anytime, is the starting point to rebuild, restructure and take a deep-dive into rethinking and redefining our values on humanitarian and planetary management for the greater good.
Now that we all can see how intertwined we all are.

This needs to become clear to the adults of our world – this is our home, our Earth.
Because I firmly believe that the need for equity will probably never become clear to the vanishing few who are monetary- and power-oholics!
We all know the tunnel vision of an alcoholic – the next drink.
Shall we really continue to allow a vanishing few addicts to wield their shortsighted and ruthless wants and cravings over our children?

Are we all co-dependent to these vanishing few or can we say:
“No – this is not okay anymore. I’ve let you come here, but no further!”?

It cannot be that we deep down believe that these a thousand or so individuals, who have an almost savant knack for “business opportunities” and are hoarding geniuses and monetary wealth for their own interests, into their own little spheres, can be allowed to topple and disrespect the input of the work force of 99% of the rest of Earth’s population!

The excuse of “providing jobs for the little man” doesn’t really pan out, does it? (As if we were all helpless and otherwise useless little nobodies – oh, the gall of the projection of it!!!)

So, glaringly evident in these times, hard work is not a factor for securing the well-being of your present and future.
Well, actually hard work hasn’t been a factor for success for most human beings in a very, very long, long time.

So, what is hard work? What does hard work mean when I think about the different ways to look at it – work being one of the most important and rewarding things in a human beings daily life?
Join me in an experiment of the mind, if you will;

Hard work:
Is hard work having a savant knack, possibly combined with being a workaholic and/or having an eye for who to recruit to further concentrate and hoard monetary assets and power?
Is hard work having inherited wealth?
Is hard work having the knack to hire people who have the knack for hiring other people who have a knack for increasing monetary gain?
Is hard work children who have to work instead of going to school?
Is hard work being a nurses aid and still not making monetary ends meet?
Is hard work getting into university because your parents have the monetary possibilities to pay for aid with homework, having a stay at home parent to support your studies, being able to pay or get loans to pay for furthering your tuition and future monetary prosperity?
Is hard work having the fortunate physical attributes for sports + the fortunate fate of being born in a place where your sports knack has a team, has a leader that sees you, has the means to both financially and coach-wise to push you through the first adolescent years in training?
Is hard work a physician who has a high salary but has to do the work of two?
Is hard work a teacher or a children’s day care assistant who work with laying the platform for all our futures?
Is hard work the student who goes home every day to difficult domestic conditions and really, really tries to study (actually having the mind to) but where worry, grief and fear is a constant agony burning in your being and cluttering your mind?*

What is hard work?

Is any individual objectively actually worthy to be allowed to soar above anyone or anything else because of monetary sovereignty?

Will we grow a backbone and achieve an end to this madness?

Think of the prosperity we all CAN share on this Earth. It is a very bountiful planet!
The abundance of our world sees no end.
To think what proper and regulated administration of our resources could bring to all life on Earth!
Not in a political- or monetary dictatorship-kind-of-way! We are becoming too educated to accept this kinds of mis-managing anymore.

Look at how quickly change can be brought about!!!
This terrible pandemic has, if anything, brought this to our attention!
Change is possible!

Now all we need to do is:
Reevaluate our definition of hard work – can it be that each person’s efforts to pitch in with ones own professional “knack” to the best of its abilities?
Reevaluation of prosperity – a life that inspires you?
Reevaluation of success – when the goal you set up is achieved (as long as it doesn’t hurt or minimize anyone else)?
Reevaluation of societal success – could that be to develop free education for everyone (think of all the genius humanity is missing out on today!!!)?
Reevaluation of wealth – could it be a rich life with freedom and possibilities to food, healthcare, travel, the arts, hobbies, sports, recreational access to nature?

Willw e grow a backbone for this?
Is change possible?Apparently YES it is!!!

If this is what we want for our children and ourselves we need to get politicians, military, police and the media on this train – it is also their family’s and friend’s prosperity on the line here!

I’m just hoping here. I’m just doing my part here.
What is your part?

#RedefineWealth #RedefineProsperity #RedefineSuccess
#RedefineAdministration #abundance #BelieveTheScience #ahairsbreadth #aleapbeyondchance

*(School education being restricted by monetary matters which excludes extremely many young from ever reaching their true potential.
Schools being restricted by monetary matters that extremely many talents go unnoticed.
Schools being restricted by monetary matters so that many young are excluded because of the difficult of hormonal and societal challenges which all youth need to go through are widely disregarded because of strangled monetary budgets on research on the matter and on the ability for communities to have a more individual approach to each child.)

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